Firefighters respond to pump basement of Morris Twp. home

CH411, G412, G414, R415 were dispatched at 2:06am on Sunday morning to the 14000 block of Upper Fredericktown Road in Morris Township to assist a homeowner with water in the basement.

Upon arrival to the scene, crews found a large amount of water in the basement. Firefighters assisted in getting the homeowners pump drafting water to clear out the basement.

All crews were back in quarters by 3:09am. The FCFD had a total of 8 firefighters respond to the call.

Firefighters train on stretching hose lines

FCFD firefighters were out last night for regular training at a local residence they will be using of the coming months. Crews worked together as they practiced two different loads that our department utilizes on apparatus. Repetition, building muscle memory!

Firefighter Bostic represents at Columbus Fight for Air Climb

This past weekend, FCFD Firefighter Jason Bostic traveled to Columbus and competed in the American Lung Association’s Climb for Air! This was his fifth appearance at the climb, with the challenge to climb 40 floors, up 880 stairs at the Rhodes Tower in downtown Columbus. The climb was completed in full firefighter turnout gear, helmet, gloves, boots, coat, pants, and SCBA. To further add to the work, Bostic completed the 40-floor ascent on breathing air from the SCBA without running out of air.

The Columbus climb for the American Lung Association as of today has raised $90,773.10 through the 2018 climb. Firefighters from around the State of Ohio participated in the event.

These are just some of the things your Firefighters are involved with to stay in shape, help others, and be ready when you need us!

(Photo courtesy of Tri-State Racer)

Firefighters respond to Mt Gilead Road for CO Alarm

CH411 and R415 were dispatched at 1:51pm to the 9000 block of Mount Gilead Road on Monday afternoon on the report of a carbon monoxide alarm sounding, and no patients.

Upon arrival to the scene of the large factory, the alarm was found sounding in the rear of the building by CH411. Occupants stated that they smelled something around an hour before. Prior to arrival of the fire department, the business began ventilating the area. The source was located by firefighters.

The FCFD had a total of four firefighters respond to the call, with R415 responding with one firefighter. All personnel were back in quarters by 2:30pm.

To the Residents of the Fredericktown Community Fire District


February 17, 2018
Contact:  Jason Bostic – FFII/PIO/CFSI
Tel:  (740) 485-6790

The following is a letter from Fredericktown Community Fire District, Chief Scott Mast explaining the daytime staffing need and the benefits to the community.  This letter was presented and recommended for release to the public at the most recent FCFD Board of Trustees meeting on February 14.

PRESS RELEASE – Chief Letter to Public 02172018

FCFD responds mutual aid to Mount Vernon

CH412 and E419 were dispatched at 4:44pm on Friday afternoon to the 13000 block of New Delaware Road in Clinton Township on a fire alarm. This was a mutual-aid run with the Mount Vernon Fire Department.

The FCFD had 8 firefighters and two cadets respond to this call. All units were back in quarters by 5:21pm

FCFD responds to RD 183 in Morrow County on structure fire

CH411, T417, G414 were dispatched at 11:31am on Wednesday to the 7000 block of Road 183 in Morrow County on the report of a single family residential structure fire. This was a mutual-aid run with the Big Walnut Joint Fire District Station 39.

Upon arrival to scene, CH411 found a single floor structure fully engulfed next to a residence. T417 made the initial attack upon arrival to the scene. Two 1 ¾” hose lines were stretched for fire attack where incoming crews from BWJFD, Mount Gilead, Johnsville, and Porter Kingston worked together from suppression to overhaul. Primary search of the building was completed and one occupant was removed from the house directly across the porch from the fire. A coordinated aggressive attack between all departments responding kept the fire to the initial structure and kept the resident from a complete loss of her home.

Water supply was established just west the scene, with a grass truck drafting water from a pond just off the roadway and filling tankers.

The initial tanker from the FCFD left with two personnel. A total of nine FCFD firefighters responded to the call.

Thank you for those who attended the Board Meeting Wednesday

Thank you to those in the community and beyond last night that came to sit in and participate in the meeting of the FCFD Fire Board. We had a room and a kitchen full of firefighters, fire cadets, family members, spouses, community members, representatives from council, and those from neighboring communities.


In addition to that amazing force of volunteers we have within our firehouse that are discussed in the article by KnoxPages News, Knox County, Ohio are a few other groups we would like to mention. First, there is our families, without their support and grace we would not be able to provide the services to our community that we do. It through the sacrifice of our spouses and children that we make it happen and have such a strong and unique department. The second group is a group of 13 young adults involved with our Fire Cadet program. This cadet program, geared toward high school aged youth is a solid group of individuals serving their community through the department.

The KP article points out many key factual pieces of our fire district that we are very proud of, and in an upcoming letter from our Chief we will be sharing many more.

“Daytime staffing” as referred to in the article and at the meeting is a Monday through Friday around the 8am-4pm time period when our volunteers are least available or delayed in responding from a neighboring town or workplace.

FCFD takes mutual aid run with Jefferson Twp Fire

CH411, CH412, E419, T417 were dispatched at 5:54am on Tuesday morning to Hamilton Road in Richland County on the report of smoke showing in the basement with the smell of something burning. This was a mutual-aid run with Jefferson Township.

T417 and chiefs were put in service once on scene, E419 when almost to the scene.

The FCFD had nine firefighters respond to this call. All units were back in quarters by 6:41am.

FCFD locates crash victim

CH411, R415 and G412 were dispatched at 11:38pm on Saturday evening to the 18000 block of Ankneytown Road on a single vehicle crash with unknown injuries. Fredericktown EMS was also dispatched for a medic.

Upon arrival to the scene, CH411 located the full size pickup truck on it’s side, off the roadway with no one inside. Tracks around the vehicle showed that the person had left on foot and firefighters began searching nearest to the property. R415 staged further down the roadway and followed fresh tracks through the snow in the field. Firefighters located the male driver underneath the bridge, roughly a quarter mile east of where the MVC occurred. The driver was held at the bridge until the Trooper arrived from the crash location.

The male driver was transported to Ohio Health Mansfield Hospital.

Crews remained in the area to light the scene and control traffic until released by law enforcement. The crash is under investigation by the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

The FCFD had 10 personnel respond to the call. All FCFD personnel were in quarters by 12:50am.