Single Vehicle MVC in 17000 Block of Old Mansfield Road

IMG_2786CH411, R415, G412, G414 were dispatched at 1:17pm on Wednesday to the 17000 block of Old Mansfield Road on the report of a single vehicle crash with a male trapped underneath the vehicle. Due to the nature of the call, EMS requested the first available medical helicopter to respond to the scene.

Upon arrival to the scene, crews found a full-size pickup truck on its side in a field west of the roadway. The patient had self-extricated from under the truck. C411 and the crew of R415 assisted in patient care and an additional helicopter was requested to the scene for a second patient. Other incoming FCFD crews assisted with landing zone setup in the field nearby, and assisted with patient care/transport to the helicopters. A medic from the Mount Vernon Fire Department was requested to transport a third patient.

All FCFD crews were back in quarters by 2:57pm. A total of 8 FCFD personnel responded to the scene

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Firefighters train on single-lane tank system

Firefighters and cadets met on station for their regular training last night. Training was led by FF Heath Kempton who went over operations with our single lane tank and the concepts of shuttling water. Asst. Chief Dwayne Canter instructed on the draft operations with R415 and familiarized the group with the differences in using the air-primer system that it uses.

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Interested in becoming a fire cadet?

Attention, any student entering the 9th grade this fall or older!
Do you want to have fun this summer?
Do you want to learn?
Do you want to give back to your community?

If any of this interests you, give us a call and hear about the FCFD Cadet Program.
We’re having a parent meeting on Tuesday May 24th. At the Firehouse, 139 Columbus Rd.

Any questions, please message us or call the advisors.
Jeremy Moss 740-5014804
Bernie Douglas 740-507-7859.

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Wooster Road MVC involves tractor

CH411, R415, E413, G412, G414, were dispatched at 5:46pm to the 16000 block of Wooster Road (Ohio 3) on the report of a two vehicle crash involving a tractor. SQ451 and R451 from College Township were dispatched automatic-aid for this run to Pike Township.

No extrication was required. Crews worked to contain diesel and transmission fluid and remained on scene for a significant period of time for cleanup.

The FCFD had 13 firefighters and two cadets respond to the call. All crews were back in quarters by 8:54pm.

M/A Structure Fire with Station 39

T417 was dispatched at 9:36pm to CR 182 in Morrow County on a report of a chimney fire. This was a mutual-aid request from the Big Walnut Joint Fire District (Sta. 39).

While en-route we advised that we had an engine crew available as well and were asked to respond. E419 and G414 responded to the scene. This was upgraded to a working structure fire. T417 supplied T34 with water and crew of T417 made entry with crew from Sta. 39. Additional incoming crews from E419 and G414 assisted with overhaul in the attic/roof areas.

There were a total of 13 FCFD firefighters and two cadets that responded to this call. All FCFD units were back in quarters by 11:25pm.


Fire sends FCFD to Pike Twp

CH411, G412, G414, E413, T417 responded to Armstrong Road, north of Mishey Road at 5:44pm on Tuesday evening for the report of a grass fire.  Upon arrival to the scene, CH411 advised that there was about 1/4 acre of woods that were on fire.

G412 made initial attack, stretching hose reels to hit perimeter areas, E413 then stretched an 1 3/4″ line further along the area that was burning. Crews had to cut open a few stumps and use hand tools to finish suppressing the fire.

There were a total of 10 FCFD personnel and one cadet that responded to this call.  All crews were back in quarters by 6:58pm.





FCFD not soliciting funds

We have received a call from a resident within the Fire District that they were contacted to donate funds to the Fredericktown Community Fire District. The FCFD is not soliciting funds not do we have a third party selecting funds at this time. Please disregard the call, do not give any personal information or financial information to them.

If you have any questions, please contact the firehouse at 740-694-9701.



FCFD responds to Fred-Amity investigation

CH411, E419, E413, T417 responded to the 12000 block of Fredericktown-Amity Road at 2:16am on Monday morning for the report of an odor investigation.  Upon arrival to the scene, CH411 advised that evacuation was in progress and smoke in the garage.  The incident was then marked as a chimney fire.

Upon arrival to the scene the crew of E419 went to work on removing fire from the chimney clean-out and the wood burning stove.  Crews encountered high heat around the chimney and a large amount of creosote.  Incoming crews from T417 and E413 went to work on the roof utilizing a device to break up the burning material where it could be removed.

Crews utilized a thermal imaging camera to check walls and areas around the chimney for fire extension and progress on extinguishing the fire.

There were no working smoke detectors in the home at the time of the fire.

There were a total of 8 FCFD personnel that responded to this call.  No injuries to the homeowners, pets, or firefighters were sustained.  All crews were back in quarters by 4:11am.

M/A on Richland County Crash

CH411, R415, G412, and G414 were dispatched at 8:37pm on Monday night to Ohio 13 in Richland County on a two-vehicle MVC.  This was a mutual-aid request by the Jefferson Township Fire Department.

FCFD crews assisted with patient extrication and provided support as needed.

The FCFD had a total of 14 personnel respond to this call.

FCFD responds to Salem Avenue

CH411, E419, and R415 were dispatched at 7:01pm on Monday night to Salem Avenue in Fredericktown on the report of smell of smoke in the structure.

Upon arrival to the scene, a multi-family two-story structure was found with evacuation in progress.  The crew of E419 located an apartment with food that had burned on the stove.  No damage was found and no injuries.

The FCFD had a total of nine personnel respond to this call.  All FCFD units were back in quarters by 7:26pm.