FCFD called for M/A assist to Fredericktown EMS

The FCFD was dispatched at 10:10pm on Saturday, October 24 to East Fifth Street in the Village of Fredericktown.  The mutual-aid run was a request from Fredericktown EMS for manpower on a cardiac arrest call.  The FCFD had nine personnel respond to the call.


MVC shuts down Ohio 13 on Saturday 10/24/2015

CH411, CH412, R415, G412, G414, and T417 were dispatched at 4:36pm last Saturday to the area of Cassell Road and Ohio 13 on the report of a car versus semi crash. Upon arrival to the scene CH412 marked that there was a working car fire.

The crew from R415 stretched a 1 ¾” attack line for suppression.

FCFD crews were on scene until 6:45pm. There were a total of 13 FCFD personnel that responded to the call.




FCFD responds to Yankee Street MVC

CH411, R415, G414 were dispatched at 10:03pm on Tuesday night to the 11000 block of Yankee Street on the report of a single vehicle motor vehicle crash.  Upon arrival by CH411 a single vehicle was found just off the roadway with moderate damage to the drivers side.

The crew of R415 disabled the battery and secured the vehicle while crews kept the roadway shut down for the Ohio State Highway Patrol to investigate.

All FCFD crews were back in quarters by 11:37pm.  There were a total of 15 personnel who responded to the call.

FCFD responds M/A to grass fire in Morrow County

CH411 and T417 were dispatched at 7:26pm on Tuesday night to the area of Ohio 314 and CR 119 in Morrow County on a grass fire.  This was a mutual-aid request with eight FCFD personnel responding.

FCFD responds M/A to Morrow Co

E419, CH412 were dispatched at 10:07am on Tuesday to the 8000 block of CR 50 in Morrow County on a residential structure fire.  This mutual-aid request was for manpower. Crews were back in quarters by 11:25am.

The FCFD had five personnel respond to the call.

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Busy week, and reminders

Things have busy around the FCFD the past few days or so with runs.  Some runs in district and others mutual-aid.  One thing that has kept crews around Knox County busy however have been grass/field fires that are being quickly spread by the unpredictable winds and dry conditions that exist in the fall.

Did you know that during the months of March, April, May, October, and November; between the hours of 6:00am and 6:00pm that there is NO OPEN BURNING PERMITTED in the State of Ohio?  Thats right, we are right in the middle of a BURN BAN!  Dry conditions, the right type of tinder on the ground, harvested fields or those waiting to be harvested are just a spark away from a raging inferno that can move rapidly out of control.

Even after the hours of the BURN BAN you should exercise extreme caution before lighting your outdoor fire.  If high winds exist, don’t light it and find a better time.

If ever you feel that the fire is out of control, call 911 immediately to get firefighters on the way to quickly extinguish the fire.


FCFD Graduates Class of Nine from 2015 Program

The Cadets of the Fredericktown Community Fire District gathered at the firehouse on Tuesday night, along with them were family and firefighters as they celebrated their graduation from the Cadet Program with a ceremony and dinner. Festivities started out with cadets showing their families around the firehouse and talking about some of the many things that they learned throughout their 10-week training program at the FCFD. The event was put together to acknowledge their work, dedication, and accomplishments.

Those in attendance had the ability to mingle, learn even more about the program, and see just how much their Cadet had grown over the course of the ten weeks that they had been training. After finishing a meal of lasagna, salad, bread, and dessert, the official ceremony was underway.

“It was a pleasure to have your Cadets in this program,” Firefighter Jeremy Moss told those in attendance. “Every time we see them come through the firehouse, they’re one of us. They are already making their mark on the FCFD and we love that.”

Award of Excellence winner, Cadet Rhylee Wilson.

Award of Excellence winner, Cadet Rhylee Wilson.

Firefighter Moss spent several minutes detailing some of what the Cadets had been through over the course of their training and speak of the satisfaction of the department and how well the Cadets have been doing. He talked of training, activity in the community, the visibility in the public, and the positive perception that is seen of their work. The class started out with nine Cadets at the beginning of summer with a tenth Cadet, Noah Smith joining them partway through the training process. Smith is highly active, however will not be eligible to graduate until completing the full program in 2016.

“The other night on the commercial structure fire we had cadets that stayed behind to work our bingo tent, when the others went on the run,” said Moss. “That’s just one of the sacrifices that we see from them. We were going to have to shut bingo down and they stepped up. They helped run that tent for hours on our busiest night.”

As the families of the Cadets had the opportunity to hear about their accomplishments you could see how proud they were. Cameras flashed as the parents made their way to take photos as Cadets were called forward individually and presented their certificate symbolizing their graduation from the program. One-by-one they made their way down the line of firefighters who instructed them during their training as they shook hands and were congratulated on their work. After a few photos were taken they went back to their seats, but the ceremony was not complete. A final award was picked up from the table and explained. The “Award of Excellence” was created to recognize the Cadet who “exceeded the requirements and expectations of the instructors, and showed exceptional training, teamwork, attitude, and self-discipline.” Voted upon by the instructors on a weekly basis, the Cadets had no idea this was coming, they only focused week to week at putting in hard work. To the instructors there was no doubt in who came out ahead in the competition as Cadet Rhylee Wilson’s name was called to step forward.

“In each class the instructor was to pick a Cadet they thought excelled that night. She got it because she is confident in what she does, she is humble in everything that she does and she is proficient,” said Moss as he beamed with enthusiasm about his Cadets. “If she doesn’t get it the first time, she will probably get it the second time. She refuses to fail and doesn’t like to falter. She is tough to beat and flat our earned that award.”

After the ceremony was completed, the cameras just kept clicking away with smiling faces from Cadets and Firefighters around the firehouse.

Although the 10-week Basic Cadet Training Program is completed, the training will still continue. Back in August the question was posed to the Cadets of how many trainings would they like to have per month, with almost a unanimous decision for two and the desire to attend the regular fire trainings as well.

“We’ll go through the winter months and just keep on training, turn around and have another 10-week program next summer and do it all over again,” said Moss.

Graduating the program were the following:

Dalton Canter- Son of Lew and Heather Canter

Jacob Yoder – Son of Aaron and Julie Yoder

Mason DeChant – Son of James and Leslie DeChant

Riley Dallman – Son of Ladeana Eddy and step-dad Gabe Eddy

Noah Smith – Son of Tim and Melissa Smith


Tyler Williamson – Son of Max and Jennifer Huffman

Haley Rook – Daughter of Aaron and Terri Rook

Rhylee Wilson – Daughter of Carmen Kyle Statzer, also joining her was Kevin Suain

Brandon Hines – Son of Greg Hines

Tyler Hubbell – Son of Lori Hubbell and Mike Newland

The FCFD Cadet Program is open to High School aged youth in the Fredericktown area. If your child is interested in finding out more on the program, please contact Firefighter Jeremy Moss, Cadet Advisor at 740-501-4804


R415 and G414 Respond to Secure LZ on Mishey Road

R415, G414 were dispatched at 1:54pm on Thursday afternoon to the 14000 block to secure and setup a landing zone for Medflight who was responding to the scene of a traumatic injury. Crews established an LZ to the east of the scene.

A total of 9 FCFD responded to the call. Crews were back in quarters by 2:35pm.

AFA on Salem Road

E419 was dispatched at 7:59am on Thursday morning to the 700 block of Salem Road on an automated fire alarm. Crews were cancelled by CH411 who made contact with the facility to verify that it was a false alarm.

FCFD Responds to Child on roof of Head Start

CH412, G412 were dispatched at 8:14pm on Wednesday evening to the 100 block of High Street on the report of a child stuck on the roof of the Head Start building. The child was safely brought down from the roof.