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M/A on Richland County Crash

CH411, R415, G412, and G414 were dispatched at 8:37pm on Monday night to Ohio 13 in Richland County on a two-vehicle MVC.  This was a mutual-aid request by the Jefferson Township Fire Department.

FCFD crews assisted with patient extrication and provided support as needed.

The FCFD had a total of 14 personnel respond to this call.

FCFD responds to Salem Avenue

CH411, E419, and R415 were dispatched at 7:01pm on Monday night to Salem Avenue in Fredericktown on the report of smell of smoke in the structure.

Upon arrival to the scene, a multi-family two-story structure was found with evacuation in progress.  The crew of E419 located an apartment with food that had burned on the stove.  No damage was found and no injuries.

The FCFD had a total of nine personnel respond to this call.  All FCFD units were back in quarters by 7:26pm.

FCFD dispatched M/A to Mount Vernon

CH411 and E419 were dispatched at 9:41pm on Saturday night to West High Street in Mount Vernon on the report of a residential structure fire.

This was a mutual-aid request from the Mount Vernon Fire Department.

E419 was cancelled while enroute to the scene. The FCFD had a total of 13 personnel respond to the call.

FCFD responds to vehicle in the water

CH411 and R415 were dispatched at 6:35am Sunday morning to Netherland Road to assist the Knox County Sheriff’s Office and a towing company with a vehicle in the water.  Upon arrival to the scene, with a crew from R415 in Mustang water rescue suits they assisted in the recovery of a vehicle at the boat ramp to Knox Lake.

There were a total of 10 FCFD personnel that responded to the call.  All FCFD units were back in quarters by 7:17am.

Party responsibly, Don’t Drink and Drive

As the new year is almost upon us, we know that many are celebrating it.  As much as we enjoy meeting our residents and those passing through the fire district, we would rather not see you tonight on negative terms.  If you drink, do the responsible thing and don’t drive.  Call a friend, a cab, or simply stay where you are.  Nothing is worth risking your life or the lives of others on the roadway.

We at the Fredericktown Community Fire District wish you a very Happy New Year.