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FCFD responds to Stadium Drive to assist Fredericktown P.D.

CH411, ATV411, G414 were dispatched at 7:00am Wednesday morning to the area of Stadium Drive in Fredericktown at the request of the Fredericktown Police Department. Crews responded to the area in order to assist law enforcement in searching for a female that sounded like she was screaming in distress. Crews along with other agencies searched the area thoroughly with nothing found.

The FCFD had seven personnel that responded to the call. All FCFD units were back in quarters at 7:47am.

Fire in attic damages Laundromat on Sunday

CH411, E419, E413, R415, T417, and G414 were dispatched at 6:16pm on Sunday evening initially to 92 North Main Street in Fredericktown on the report of a commercial fire with visible smoke and fire.   E493, E451, and L491 were dispatched automatic-aid from the Mount Vernon Fire Department and College Township Fire Department as well.

It was determined that the location of the call was at 92 South Main Street, the Rainbo Klean Laundromat and Pizza Dock.

Upon arrival to the scene, units found a single story commercial building with smoke showing from the roof. The crew of E419 stretched an 1 ¾ inch attack line for suppression. Crews gained access to the attic area from the rear of the structure while crews pulled a portion of the ceiling in the Laundromat to check for fire extension as well. Minimal amounts of water were used during the operation.

The cause of the fire was determined to be an equipment failure of the furnace in the attic and the investigation is complete.

All FCFD units were back in quarters by 8:15pm.