FCFD spends Sunday on diver training

Divers and tenders with the FCFD took advantage of the afternoon to fit some dive training in at Knox Lake. Continuing to familiarize and work with the tethered communications and gear to stay mission ready.

Temperatures at the bottom were 38 degrees and decent visibility (4 foot) until the bottom got stirred up. After which, it was referred to as looking like chocolate milk. The ability for the diver to see even their hand in front of their face at that point is almost impossible.

We train in this because this is the type of water we are going to see. Visibility of nothing and needing to be comfortable with it.

The FCFD is one of two departments within the county with a dive team. We have two large recreational bodies of water within the district, along with it many ponds and quarries. We will go where we are called and have provided our services outside the district and county many times.


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