Thank you for those who attended the Board Meeting Wednesday

Thank you to those in the community and beyond last night that came to sit in and participate in the meeting of the FCFD Fire Board. We had a room and a kitchen full of firefighters, fire cadets, family members, spouses, community members, representatives from council, and those from neighboring communities.


In addition to that amazing force of volunteers we have within our firehouse that are discussed in the article by KnoxPages News, Knox County, Ohio are a few other groups we would like to mention. First, there is our families, without their support and grace we would not be able to provide the services to our community that we do. It through the sacrifice of our spouses and children that we make it happen and have such a strong and unique department. The second group is a group of 13 young adults involved with our Fire Cadet program. This cadet program, geared toward high school aged youth is a solid group of individuals serving their community through the department.

The KP article points out many key factual pieces of our fire district that we are very proud of, and in an upcoming letter from our Chief we will be sharing many more.

“Daytime staffing” as referred to in the article and at the meeting is a Monday through Friday around the 8am-4pm time period when our volunteers are least available or delayed in responding from a neighboring town or workplace.

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