Firefighter Bostic represents at Columbus Fight for Air Climb

This past weekend, FCFD Firefighter Jason Bostic traveled to Columbus and competed in the American Lung Association’s Climb for Air! This was his fifth appearance at the climb, with the challenge to climb 40 floors, up 880 stairs at the Rhodes Tower in downtown Columbus. The climb was completed in full firefighter turnout gear, helmet, gloves, boots, coat, pants, and SCBA. To further add to the work, Bostic completed the 40-floor ascent on breathing air from the SCBA without running out of air.

The Columbus climb for the American Lung Association as of today has raised $90,773.10 through the 2018 climb. Firefighters from around the State of Ohio participated in the event.

These are just some of the things your Firefighters are involved with to stay in shape, help others, and be ready when you need us!

(Photo courtesy of Tri-State Racer)

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