Flame of Distinction

After events that transpired surrounding an automobile crash on December 7, 2006, it was the decision of Chief Scott Mast to present an inaugural award to a Fredericktown citizen who assisted during the crisis.  The award, dubbed the “Flame of Distinction Award” was presented to Debbie Bartram on January 25, 2007 at a regular fire department meeting.  The award, which has no set schedule of when it is presented is awarded to those that go above and beyond in supporting the Fredericktown Community Fire District.

Since that date, the following individuals have received this award.

2007 – Debbie Bartram

2008 – Shane and Bernadette Smith

2009 – Melissa Raines

2010 -Don Huggins and Skip Lanz

2011 – Jeremy Freer

2012 – Matt Hively

2015 – Elliston Auto

2017 – Virgil Shipley and Jason Bostic

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