Ohio 13 MVC injures two, closes highway on Monday morning

CH411, R415, E413, G412, G414 were dispatched the area of Ohio 13 just south of the bypass at 7:37am Monday morning on the report of a motor vehicle crash.

Upon arrival to the scene, two vehicles were found off the roadway, one with moderate damage and the other heavy damage; both with persons trapped inside. Due to the number of vehicles and damage, a rescue was requested from the Mount Vernon Fire Department, who responded E491 and CAPT491 to the scene.

Medflight was dispatched to the scene for the patient within one of the vehicles.

Crews from FCFD began working on the car with the heavier damage to provide a means of extrication for EMS of their patient. Crews from MVFD worked on the other car, and then came over to assist.

The roadway was shut down due to the number of vehicles on scene and to allow law enforcement time to conduct their investigation. The scene was turned over to the Mount Gilead Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

All FCFD units were back in quarters by 9:01am. The FCFD had seven personnel respond to this call.


FCFD clarifies article on staffing

FCFD clarifies Staffing issue

A recent article from the Mount Vernon News was published regarding the FCFD exploring paid staff. The district would like to clarify that this is in the concept stage at this time and that no plans have been finalized or submitted to the board of trustees. Adequate response times are a concern across the United States and a factor that holds true in demographics similar to Fredericktown.

The officers of the FCFD have been discussing these needs and evaluating measures that will augment the already strong volunteer backbone that the district has maintained for many years. The goal is to provide a proactive solution to the response during the daytime hours, while still relying on the volunteers to respond to those calls as well is extremely important. Our members have been a part of this conversation, and in doing so has kept a positive and supportive tone around the department.

The addition of staffing is not a new topic. The potential daytime scenario of need started over a year ago with the board, with more formal work being done over four months ago. We have an excellent membership at Fredericktown, we want to examine methods that will protect that aspect, and improve responses while being fiscally responsible.

We greatly appreciate the continued trust and support from the citizens that we serve and we are seeking a solution that will be carefully thought out and well received.

The Fredericktown Community Fire District operates from two stations within the 115 square mile district in northwest Knox County. Fire and rescue services are provided by a team of 25 firefighters with varying levels of experience from the basic 36-hour to the 240-hour professional firefighter certification.


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If these pages could talk…

If the pages of this fire run log from 1975 and 1976 belonging to the Fredericktown Community Fire District could only talk.

They fought fire with less airpacks, water issues, they exrtricated crash victims by different means, and worked through it, along with so much more. While some members may still be alive, there are those that have passed on. The ways that we fight fire have changed, the equipment that we use has changed, our gear is safer, our training better, our trucks state of the art… 

What hasn’t changed at the FCFD you ask? The drive, the passion, the heart, the mission, the people. We live here, work here, and serve here.


FCFD Responds to Knox Lake Road MVA on Tuesday

R415, E413, G412, G414 were dispatched at 1:46pm on Tuesday afternoon to the 17000 block of Knox Lake Road on the report of a single vehicle MVC with injuries.

Upon arrival to the scene a single vehicle with heavy damage was found against a tree with a patient trapped inside. Due to the extent of injuries a medical helicopter was requested to the scene. Upon arrival of R415 and incoming companies, the vehicle was stabilized and the patient extricated in a coordinated effort using hydraulic and battery operated tools. 

MedFlight transported the patient to a Columbus area hospital.

Crews kept the roadway closed while the Ohio State Highway Patrol conducted their investigation and vehicle could be removed.

The FCFD had a total of 14 personnel respond to this call. All FCFD units were back in quarters by 3:32pm.

Easter Egg Hunt – April 15, 2017

The Fredericktown Firefighters Association will be holding its annual Easter Egg hunt at our firehouse, 139 Columbus Road. The event will begin with the blast of the airhorns at 10am sharp. Those wanting to attend should arrive 15-20 minutes early in order to find parking and be in place before the hunt starts. The better the weather, the larger the turnout.

As always, our firefighters are very excited to have this event, give back, and meet you!

FCFD awarded State Fire Marshal grant for radios

March 2, 2017
Contact: Jason Bostic – FFII/PIO/CFSI
Tel: (740) 627-1664

The Fredericktown Community Fire District recently was awarded $28,722.04 in grant funds from the State Fire Marshal’s Office for the purchase of MARCS radio equipment and service fees. In total through the grant the FCFD will receive two additional mobile radios, nine portable radios, spare batteries, a bank radio charger, and all required costs of equipment for installation. The grant requires no local financial match from the fire district.

“The department is very appreciative to have been awarded this grant. The items that this grant funds will greatly enhance our communication capabilities in some of our specialized vehicles that we were previously unable to outfit, and to further personal communication capabilities,” said FCFD Chief Scott Mast.

This grant will allow the FCFD to install a mobile radio into its rescue boat and firefighting ATV to improve incident communications. Portable radios will be assigned to apparatus to ensure incident command and line firefighters have sufficient communication as needed. The fire district was provided with MARCS radio equipment through a grant last year, however this will further round out the needs of the department.

“We strive to seek out and work for grants that benefit our firefighters, which in turn ultimately benefits the citizens we serve,” said FCFD Public Information Officer Jason Bostic. “We have seen great success in grants that allow us to provide some of the finest equipment possible at low to no cost.”

In 2016, fire, EMS, and law enforcement agencies in Knox County transitioned to the MARCS radio system that uses a network of digital radio towers and networked infrastructure throughout the State of Ohio. The system allows a greater interoperability between agencies and over a much longer distance.

State Fire Marshal Larry L. Flowers announced on Thursday morning that the FCFD was one of 165 departments awarded from 25 counties in throughout the state. In total, this grant provided $3 million in equipment to promote better communication between agencies around Ohio.

“The operational costs associated to communications are continuing to increase with the advancements in technology. Securing a grant such as this helps ease the financial burden in conjunction with improving the overall safety of our firefighters,” said Chief Mast.

The Fredericktown Community Fire District operates from two stations within the 115 square mile district in northwest Knox County. Fire and rescue services are provided by a team of 25 firefighters with varying levels of experience from the basic 36-hour to the 240-hour professional firefighter certification.

FCFD responds to Stadium Drive to assist Fredericktown P.D.

CH411, ATV411, G414 were dispatched at 7:00am Wednesday morning to the area of Stadium Drive in Fredericktown at the request of the Fredericktown Police Department. Crews responded to the area in order to assist law enforcement in searching for a female that sounded like she was screaming in distress. Crews along with other agencies searched the area thoroughly with nothing found.

The FCFD had seven personnel that responded to the call. All FCFD units were back in quarters at 7:47am.

Fire in attic damages Laundromat on Sunday

CH411, E419, E413, R415, T417, and G414 were dispatched at 6:16pm on Sunday evening initially to 92 North Main Street in Fredericktown on the report of a commercial fire with visible smoke and fire.   E493, E451, and L491 were dispatched automatic-aid from the Mount Vernon Fire Department and College Township Fire Department as well.

It was determined that the location of the call was at 92 South Main Street, the Rainbo Klean Laundromat and Pizza Dock.

Upon arrival to the scene, units found a single story commercial building with smoke showing from the roof. The crew of E419 stretched an 1 ¾ inch attack line for suppression. Crews gained access to the attic area from the rear of the structure while crews pulled a portion of the ceiling in the Laundromat to check for fire extension as well. Minimal amounts of water were used during the operation.

The cause of the fire was determined to be an equipment failure of the furnace in the attic and the investigation is complete.

All FCFD units were back in quarters by 8:15pm.





Firefighter Toy drive Drop Off – December 10

For the past ten years, the firefighters of the Fredericktown Community Fire District have conducted an annual firefighter toy drive, benefitting local families. This Saturday, December 10 from 10:00am to 1:00pm, they will be holding a toy drop-off at the firehouse located at 139 Columbus Road in Fredericktown.

The Firefighter Toy Drive, sponsored by the association has no ties to a national program and is completely a volunteer effort of hard work and giving.

Working through the Fredericktown branch of the Knox County Inter Church, the group gathers only the need and non-identifying information to help with selecting the toys in mid-December. This year, the firefighters are shopping for 122 children within the fire district.

There are several ways to help with the project. New and unwrapped toys can be dropped off at the fire station, 139 Columbus Road in Fredericktown, seven days a week from 9am-7pm. Monetary donations can be dropped off at the station or mailed to Fredericktown Firefighters Association, 139 Columbus Road. Checks should be made out to the Fredericktown Firefighters Association, with “Toy Drive” in the memo field. No amount is too big or small, the ability for this drive to be so successful is from great community support by many.

“Fire boots have been distributed out into local businesses and corporations to allow us to collect donations and purchase the needed toys,” said Bostic. “We operate our toy drive with no overhead and all volunteer work. Money collected goes directly toward the purpose.”

For more information on the toy drive or how to help, please contact Bernadette Smith at 740-507-8605. Updates will be posted on the website at www.fredericktownfire.net


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FCFD awarded BWC safety grant for Stabilization System


December 3, 2016

Contact: Jason Bostic – FFII/PIO/CFSI
Tel: (740) 627-1664







The Fredericktown Community Fire District recently was awarded $25,002.75 in funds from a Safety Intervention Grant from the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation for purchase of a stabilization strut system. The BWC grant request from the FCFD was for a total of $37,337.00, with the fire district kicking in the $8,334.25 matching funds coming from their budget.

“Seeking grants is a competitive process and difficult to attain, but it is an excellent source of funding for our district to provide for our firefighters and the community which we serve,” said FCFD Public Information Officer Jason Bostic.   “We have been successful on many attempts and are fortunate to have been chosen for a project that will increase our safety and our level of operations.”

For not much more than the cost of a very basic and simple system the district, through this grant was able to purchase a much more elaborate system that is adaptive, expandable, and has few limits.

“This grant has so many benefits, especially from a safety perspective. Our previous stabilization tools we made ourselves due to budgetary restraints. It is great that we will be able to replace those with a system that is manufactured for specific needs and come with tested safety ratings,” said Fredericktown Community Fire District Chief Scott Mast.

Department members have long realized the need for such a system to be in place, but the cost of a quality system that can cover the needs of the district was cost prohibitive. Through research, training, and hands-on use, the district identified manufacturer Paratech as the preferred company of choice. Paratech has a significant history and is a leader in stabilization systems, lifting systems, support, and other areas of the fire/rescue industry.

“This expands our mission greatly beyond just simple stabilization, to lifting, trench rescue, high angle rescue, structural stabilization, and more. The system is expandable and we can build and grow from it. We will now have a vast array of ways to approach situations,” said Chief Mast.

This stabilization system however isn’t just available to the FCFD. Through mutual-aid, any department that would request us to respond would have access to equipment thus further making the donation more beneficial. A system of this size and configuration is something that you might find on a metro fire department rescue or on a specialized unit.

“Most departments have a small degree of stabilization devices that they can utilize, but usually on a minimal basis. Some scenarios might require us to call in 2-4 departments from out of the area, further delaying a rescue,” said Chief Mast. “We feel very fortunate that our project was chosen, a project of this size is something significant that we could not afford.”

Finley Fire Equipment of McConnelsville, Ohio was chosen as the vendor for the project, with the district working through Rescue Manager Dalan Zartman. Zartman is also President of the professional training company, Rescue Methods. Working together a solution was identified, and the post purchase training will also be provided to the fire district as a part of the purchase.

The Fredericktown Community Fire District operates from two stations within the 115 square mile district in northwest Knox County. Fire and rescue services are provided by a team of 25 firefighters with varying levels of experience from the basic 36-hour to the 240-hour professional firefighter certification.


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