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How busy are your firefighters at the FCFD?

Just how busy were our volunteers in 2017? Quite busy is the answer, and our busiest year to date statistically speaking as far as runs go. The Fredericktown Community Fire District responded to a total of 259 calls. This resulted in a total of 2811 hours of combined time for all our members. This number of hours does not include training and continuing education that members attended outside of the FCFD.

Of those runs, some of the highlights to the responses were the following:
Building Fires – 13
Vehicle Fires – 2
Trash/Waste Fires – 14
Assists to EMS – 6
Motor Vehicle Crash with Injuries – 25
Search for missing person – 4
Extrication from vehicles – 6
Ice/Water Rescues – 3
Gas leaks (Natural Gas/LPG) – 4
Carbon Monoxide Calls – 4
Downed power lines – 18
Motor Vehicle Crash (General Cleanup) – 27
Assist Law Enforcement – 3
Dispatched / Cancelled Enroute – 58
False Alarms – 7

Outside of the 259 calls listed above, our members performed countless hours of maintenance, work around the station, continuing education, attended workshops, conferences, seminars, hands on training, and so much more. They provided fire safety and prevention discussions and events around the fire district as well as tours at the firehouse. Our firefighters were part of tabletop and hands on exercises. Your firefighters held another successful fire cadet recruiting throughout local schools, conducting a training academy over the summer. Firefighters have been out in the community training with our trucks, familiarizing new members with the area, and staying on top of issues within the district. Egg hunts, parades, attending local meetings, assisting the community with other special events, and answering the call.

This by no means encompasses everything that our firefighters handle throughout the year, but it’s a great snapshot.

Poinsettia Sale

FCFD firefighters are selling poinsettias to raise fund for the annual toy drive and food for the hungry. Prices are the same as last year small $5, medium $10, large $15. Red and white are available. Final order must be in by November 27.

Firefighters will also be selling at the Fredericktown Christmas Walk on December 2 from 3:00pm – 7:00pm

Orders can be placed through one of our firefighters or by calling 740-507-8605

Dry hydrant testing

Crews were out in the fire district the other day working on the dry hydrants that we utilize for water supply.  With 115 sq miles of district and only about 2 sq miles that have hydrants, these are crucial for us to have for suppression.   Firefighters spent time testing, flowing, maintaining, and training on the hydrants and trucks.

Have a pond or body of water and interested in letting us use it?  Contact us!

Fireground work, topic of training

Firefighters at our last regular training worked on response, sizeup, making the stretch, tactics, and search. This was a great opportunity for our crews to work together, bond, and build teamwork while grabbing some great training.

First Responder day at Kokosing campground

Great day out doing some PR at the Kokosing Lake and Campground for first responder day. Fredericktown Community Fire District, Fredericktown EMS, Air Evac 107, Knox County Sheriff’s Office, and the Ohio State Highway Patrol. We enjoyed meeting so many people, sharing, and answering questions.

Plenty of goodies for the kids to pickup, truck tours, and plenty of water to be sprayed.

Looking forward to next time.

Truck checks

Vehicle maintenance and truck checks. Doesn’t seem like much to many, but it is a large part of staying mission ready and knowing that your equipment will do its job.

Crews last night went over the apparatus top to bottom, every compartment, tool, engine, etc.

Quality service and partnerships keep us going…

Firefighters were on station on Wednesday working with Howell Rescue from Kettering, Ohio to perform preventative maintenance on our hydraulic rescue tools from Genesis.

The FCFD operates R415 out of station one with a slightly larger compliment of tools (cutters, spreaders, combi-tool, several rams, and plenty of accessories. E413 operates out of station two in Pike Twp with a slightly smaller set of equipment, but both systems are compatible.

All of the hydraulic equipment was purchased through grant money from a highly competitive grant called the Assistance to Firefighters Grant from FEMA.

YOUR firefighters on station today working with vendors to make sure that equipment is kept up and ready at a moments notice.#VOLUNTEERSTRONG#FCFD#RESCUE#HOWELL#GENESISTOOLS#DOWORK

Taking time…taking care of our fleet

Members taking a little extra time tonight while enjoying the weather to clean up our apparatus and keep our fleet looking top notch. While tonight these trucks may be clean, we won’t hesitate to get these things dirty and put them to work.

We have some of the finest equipment through solid planning, saving, and teamwork in getting what will serve the community the best. Our past fireboards, chiefs, officers, and firefighters have paved us a solid path to success and we pride ourselves in what we have here at the FCFD.

Opening lines of communication

Firefighters were out in the community last night speaking with our local village council. With the changes to the makeup of the board of trustees, we wanted to open lines of communication, provide an opportunity for them to ask questions of our operations, and to let them know of our concern of the rumor of the discussion of a merger (with EMS) that are out in the community.

We have been able to answer a great number of questions over the last month or so as our members have been attending local meetings. Both public and elected officials have been active in numerous conversations.

Our doors are open, this is YOUR fire department and we enjoy serving this community.

Here is the link to the Mount Vernon News –

If these pages could talk…

If the pages of this fire run log from 1975 and 1976 belonging to the Fredericktown Community Fire District could only talk.

They fought fire with less airpacks, water issues, they exrtricated crash victims by different means, and worked through it, along with so much more. While some members may still be alive, there are those that have passed on. The ways that we fight fire have changed, the equipment that we use has changed, our gear is safer, our training better, our trucks state of the art… 

What hasn’t changed at the FCFD you ask? The drive, the passion, the heart, the mission, the people. We live here, work here, and serve here.