FCFD clarifies article on staffing

FCFD clarifies Staffing issue

A recent article from the Mount Vernon News was published regarding the FCFD exploring paid staff. The district would like to clarify that this is in the concept stage at this time and that no plans have been finalized or submitted to the board of trustees. Adequate response times are a concern across the United States and a factor that holds true in demographics similar to Fredericktown.

The officers of the FCFD have been discussing these needs and evaluating measures that will augment the already strong volunteer backbone that the district has maintained for many years. The goal is to provide a proactive solution to the response during the daytime hours, while still relying on the volunteers to respond to those calls as well is extremely important. Our members have been a part of this conversation, and in doing so has kept a positive and supportive tone around the department.

The addition of staffing is not a new topic. The potential daytime scenario of need started over a year ago with the board, with more formal work being done over four months ago. We have an excellent membership at Fredericktown, we want to examine methods that will protect that aspect, and improve responses while being fiscally responsible.

We greatly appreciate the continued trust and support from the citizens that we serve and we are seeking a solution that will be carefully thought out and well received.

The Fredericktown Community Fire District operates from two stations within the 115 square mile district in northwest Knox County. Fire and rescue services are provided by a team of 25 firefighters with varying levels of experience from the basic 36-hour to the 240-hour professional firefighter certification.


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