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FCFD spends Sunday on diver training

Divers and tenders with the FCFD took advantage of the afternoon to fit some dive training in at Knox Lake. Continuing to familiarize and work with the tethered communications and gear to stay mission ready.

Temperatures at the bottom were 38 degrees and decent visibility (4 foot) until the bottom got stirred up. After which, it was referred to as looking like chocolate milk. The ability for the diver to see even their hand in front of their face at that point is almost impossible.

We train in this because this is the type of water we are going to see. Visibility of nothing and needing to be comfortable with it.

The FCFD is one of two departments within the county with a dive team. We have two large recreational bodies of water within the district, along with it many ponds and quarries. We will go where we are called and have provided our services outside the district and county many times.


Food drive success

Thank you to our community for making the food drive that was held over the weekend, a success.  In total, 461 items were donated through the drive that benefits the Fredericktown area Interchurch.

Thank you to Stephanie Drake and her church for setting up that day in our firehouse and making this drive happen.  We look forward to more projects in the future as we continue to support the community in which we live and serve!

FCFD not soliciting funds

We have received a call from a resident within the Fire District that they were contacted to donate funds to the Fredericktown Community Fire District. The FCFD is not soliciting funds not do we have a third party selecting funds at this time. Please disregard the call, do not give any personal information or financial information to them.

If you have any questions, please contact the firehouse at 740-694-9701.


R415 and G414 Respond to Secure LZ on Mishey Road

R415, G414 were dispatched at 1:54pm on Thursday afternoon to the 14000 block to secure and setup a landing zone for Medflight who was responding to the scene of a traumatic injury. Crews established an LZ to the east of the scene.

A total of 9 FCFD responded to the call. Crews were back in quarters by 2:35pm.

MVC in Amity sends one to hospital

R415, E413, G412, G414 were dispatched at 5:36am on Friday to the 16000 block of Wooster Road in Amity on a two-vehicle MVC with injuries involving a motorcycle. Automatic-aid was provided by R451 from College Township, and Fredericktown EMS responded with a medic unit. R451 was cancelled shortly after they went enroute.

Upon arrival to the scene, crews encountered a pickup with moderate damage to the bed on the driver’s side, and a motorcycle on the other side of the road. Crews took report and maintained traffic after EMS left, transporting one to the hospital.

The scene was turned over to the Mount Gilead Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, who was continuing their investigation.

The FCFD had 10 personnel respond to the call. All FCFD crews were back in quarters by 6:53am.



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